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The Grand Prix 150cc Scooter for sale is an amazing value that is inexpensive but not at all cheap!


The Grand Prix 150cc Scooter for sale is for all intents and purposes a Tuscan Italian Style Scooter with a 3 times larger engine for just a little more money.   Here at Joy Ride Motors we are extremely proud both the Grand Prix 150cc scooter and the Tuscan 50cc scooter for really great reason... cause they are ideal for the collage students that will be the leaders of Americas future!   Once you factor in its amazing gas mileage of over 80MPG, it's great retro look, and the fact that it's thousands cheaper than comparable major brands... what else about this scooter for sale can we say?   Well, it's not as much for us about the scooter, as it is about those that ride them.    It’s because the Grand Prix scooter is the most widely purchased 150cc scooter by America's Collage students!     It's the ideal scooter for on campus living and local errand running and commuting to work... saving thousands of dollars on gas, insurance and parking fees/tickets over the course of their academic career and re-appropriate the savings accordingly!    To save even more money, take a look at Joy Ride Grand Prix 150cc Scooters Little Brother... The Joy Ride Tuscan 50cc Scooter.   you won't ride it at Freeway Speed like the Grand Prix scooter, but in most states, you don't need a motorcycle license to operate it... but check your STATE DMV to make sure!   Either of these scooters are a great deal and add Value to your lifestyle while saving you time and money. 

Don’t confuse the Grand Prix 150cc scooter with some cheap scooter for sale online.    It's actually a very practical and pragmatic decision made by a forward thinking generation of Americans who see this scooter as the best alternative to fulfill their transportation needs with the highest efficiency, lowest cost, and greatest usability level of independence.    It’s become a quintessential tool for tomorrow’s urban lifestylers that need to go from A to B and back with quickness and reliability.      The Grand Prix 150cc Scooter will impress you with its pep and power will bring you years of savings and enjoyment.    This is why it's one of our hottest 150cc scooters for sale and our little Pride and JoyRide ;-)

 If the photo's, specs and description of the Grand Prix 150cc Scooter aren't enough take a moment to ask us, or see what our customers have to say... After a decade of experience in this industry, we know you have lots of questions, so just call us at 1-877-300-8707 and we'll be delighted to answer them all :)   To see what our customers have to say about us and our products, please click HERE.


The Grand Prix is EPA, DOT & CARB Compliant and free shipping to ALL States!



All information is subject to change without notice. At Joy Ride Motors, we want every ride to be safe and enjoyable. So always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Avoid excessive speeds. Never engage in stunt riding. Study your owner’s manual and always inspect your Joy Ride before riding. Take a riding skills course. For the course nearest you call the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at 1-800-446-9227.
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MSRP: $2,299.00
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  •    Single Cylinder, SOHC / 149cc, 4-Stroke
  •     Air Cooled
  •     52.40 X 57.80mm
  •     9.20 : 1
  •     8.50HP
  •     6.00
  •     C.D.I.
  •     Electric Start, Kick Start
  •     SAE10W-40
  •     for Gear Oil : SF80W/90
  •     Fully Automatic CVT / Chain Drive
  • OEM Compatable Parts to Honda and Yamaha
  •     Dual Telescopic Forks
  •     Rear Coil over Shock
  •     120/70-12
  •     120/70-12
  •    ABS Disc / Drum
  •     72in X 27inX 46in
  •    30in
  •    1person
  •    1.20gallon
  •     250lbs
  •     228lbs
  •     305lbs
  •     Steel
  •     12V / 9Ah
  •     EPA/CARB
  •     73.5in X 23in X 48in
  •    ≥ 15°

This Vehicle has a Standard 6-Month MFG Warranty.

This vehicle comes standard with a 6 month MGF (Manufacturers) warranty FREE OF CHARGE!   Unlike those other guys, WE DON’T UP-CHARGE YOU for your free coverage by adding it on at checkout for a premium.    That shady shit don’t fly around here. 

This vehicle is conditionally covered against mechanical defect for 6 months after you receive it.  The ‘Get Support’ section has comprehensive information about the MFG coverage of this vehicle which can be found here =>     You should read this before making your purchase.   It’s important to know that the MFG warranty is not an offering of Joy Ride Motors.    As a curtsey we’ll assist you in filing your claim with the MFG should you experience a covered mechanical failure.    But unless you’re a member of our Life-Time Coverage Club, we cannot guarantee your satisfaction with the claim process. 

This Vehicle Qualifies for enrollment in the

Life-Time Coverage Club.

This in-house warranty program offers you the peace of mind that we stand behind the vehicle you ride, and we will replace any defective part that fails as a result of responsible use under normal driving condition, and is not attributed to misuse or operator negligence - for as long as you own the vehicle.    This extended warranty covers most all systems of this vehicle... with exemptions for wearable and expendable parts… for as long as you own it.   This coverage considerably surpasses the standard MFG warranty, but is not transferable.   

Enrolment remains in effect for as long as the monthly premium is billed to either a credit or a bank account.    Your coverage begins when you receive your vehicle, and follow the proper protocols for its un-packaging, assembly and warranty registration.   Opt out any time by terminating your monthly premium payments.            

Upon purchasing this vehicle, you’ll be emailed a personal quote that breaks down your coverage if and when you break down.    We make this really simple and easy, because we believe in this vehicle and our customers and stand behind both ... that’s the JoyRides Promise!   

Brows this link =>   for comprehensive information on how to join the Life-Time Coverage Club.     We encourage you to read this after you purchase this vehicle.   Email your questions to for a fast response.  


At Joy Ride Motors, we believe in the Joy of the Ride.

As such we assure you that this vehicle not only complies, but surpasses, every state, federal and regulatory guideline with respect to its; manufacturing, emissions, safety features and overall construction. But proper riding, following all the rules of the road, and being alert and aware of your surroundings is not always enough to ensure your safety from other drivers or unforeseen road hazards.

For those reasons, we encourage you to purchase the best riding attire, DOT approved safety gear, boots, gloves, clothing and helmets, and additional safety equipment such as windshields, vehicle locks, storage covers and more. Many of these items we sell in our Gear section. We only sell the items we feel are best on the market and for the best price you’ll find online. Please don’t risk your life and health. Make your safety and the safety o your passengers your utmost priority, as we want you to have a long and fun life... and spend much of it Enjoying the Ride.

The Get Support section of JoyRides has comprehensive information on; safety, registration, licensing, warranty and insurance. We encourage you to take time to read through it. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them to the best of our ability, so please call 877-300-8707 or email and any of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.


Customer Reviews

Just say NO to Vespa! Review by Im NOT A Man... DUH!!!
The Grand Pix is a like light years ahead of the crappy old vespa I used to ride. I was all about style and being cool, and wanting to be accepted , so i spent more money on a used and rather worn out vespa metropolitan, and could have bought TWO... YES TWO new Grand Prix forthe same amount. Well, over a year, i spent enough money in repairs to buye even a THIRD Grand Prix. So you know what I did.... Yup.... I sold that Pile of Shit Vespa, and bought myself a sweet Grand Prix, that I actually ride, instead of make into a coat rack in the crib cause its always broken like the vespa was. Having a reliable and dependable scoot that looks so tight and rides so well, starts every time, and is quite and does not stink... well, talk about a dream come true. Sure, its no vespa... but so fuckin what ! having a used vespa is like buying a curse! If you don't know or enjoy tinkering on them and then you're paying someone to do it. And you know what... I never liked that look anyways. I was a real poser, and tried to fit in with people that I though were cool... but at the end of the day, they were all a bunch of douches. That 'vespa' phase of my life was a huge waste of time and money. Now I get to wherever I need to go, without the stink, the worry and the hassle. I may be a lesbo, but those fake as vespa hoochies are all about their vibrators more then their rides... and a bunch of fake poser wanna be lesbos that still take cock. I may look butch, and I may be harsh... but i like to be productive, Thats why I love my Grand Prix... and love how little I paid for such an amazing scooter that looks so sharp! With as cheep as real lebsos are, I wonder if any true lesbos still roll on a vespa if they are scoots at heart? Whateva.... Amanda Wirthington - West LA, CA... SO CAL!

(Posted on 9/13/13)
Today was a great day! Review by Harry
Today was a good day. To understand, let me first tell you about my typical day... Last Week.

The alarm goes off at 6am. I get up and get ready for work. I get in my car, at 6:30 and stop by the gas station to fill the car, and get a soda. $40 later I'm back on the road, crawling through gridlock traffic for the next 20 miles. It is now 8am as i pull into the city and begin to play the parking spot lottery. Usually, all the free spots are taken, so i drive to one of the 3 available parking garages, hopping they are not full. It never fails,m but the first one I always pull up to is full, the next one is a few blocks even further from the office, and the third one is over a mile away. usually if its before 8:30 I'll get a spot at the 2nd garage for $20 for the day. If I'm running late I just go directly to the 3rd garage and pay $25 for the day. Its the biggest garage in the city, but its also the furthest from the office. Now I walk between 6 to 9 blocks back to the office, and hopefully not be late. by 9am, give or take a few, I'm in my cubical, going through emails and working till 4pm. I walk out of the office, work my way through 9 blocks of angry and frustrated pedestrian traffic back to my parking garage, and then spend no less then 30 minutes single filing my way out of the garage, paying my day fee, and crawling through the congestion through down town, back to the freeway, where it takes me at least another 45 minuets to sit in gridlock till I clear the city and get back to my apartment, and begin driving in circles looking for on street parking, because my roommate got home before me, and got the only parking spot in the car port. It is now 6pm. I'm beat. But I still do some laundry, make dinner and eat in front of the TV, go to be by 10pm, wake up at 6am and repeat.

Now.. as I said in the beginning... Today was a great day. Why? Because this weekend, My brand new 150cc Grand Prix Scooter from Joy Rides arrived. It took me a few hours to get it set up, and I was riding it that same day. I owned a 50cc scooter back in collage, so I'm very familiar and comfortable on it. I would still have that thing, but someone stole it, and I bought my car instead of replacing the scooter. I just could not life without one any longer.

Today, I got up at 7:30 am, well rested form an extra hour and a half of great sleep!!! I walked out to my scooter in front of my apartment building , opened up the storage box, grabbed my helmet and stowed my work bag. I rode past that damn gas station, and got right on the freeway, where i cut lanes between all the traffic and was in the city in 15 minuets. I pulled right up to my office and parked the scooter on the sidewalk, chaining it to a light post. I garbed a coffee at the Starbucks on the corner, and was in my cubical at 8:30am... getting a head start on my emails. I left the office at 4pm, walked right out of the building and sat directly on my scooter, opened the box, threw in my bag, and grabbed my helmet, and was on the freeway in 10 minuets, and zipped and weaved through gridlock traffic for 10 miles to my exit. I parked my scooter in front of the carport, leaving room for my roommates car, and walked into the house at 4:45 pm... still with plenty of energy, I went for a jog, came home to make dinner, and sat down in front of the computer where I am now writing this review. Its not a review so much of the scooter, but moire of my experience. From the savings in money and time, I can tell that if my days continue like this, then I will be able to live 2 lives instead of just one.

My roommate just got home... he wants to know how my day went... I gotta run... Thanks Joy Rides... I Love my new Scooter!

Harry Kwon (Posted on 7/29/13)

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