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The KTM Radical 110cc Pit Bike for sale is an amazing value that is inexpensive but not at all cheap!


Born into superiority. The Joy Ride Radical 110cc flagship 110cc dirt bike sets new standards in the cheap dirt bike sector. With extremely high performance and perfect handling, the Radical 110cc pit bike is the ideal candidate for demanding trails or off road adventures. Brutal power (for its size) and standard-fit racing style equipment ensure that this fully automatic, electric start dirt bike takes the lead from the start. This is just the right dirt bike at just the right time for your young and older riders alike. Ideally sized for teens of most sizes, the KTM Radical 110cc dirt bike has a durable and easy to shift manual transmission for those dirt bike riders with the skill, size and maturity to handle it. The 110cc four-stroke engine delivers reliability, smooth power, and lasting performance. The rugged rear suspension makes the KTM Radical 110cc dirt bike easy to handle. And all this fun is packed inside a tough steel frame. Throw Joy Rides reputation for reliable products and un-matched customer service into the mix, and you get the perfect 110cc dirt bike to give your rider’s confidence plenty of room to grow.


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All information is subject to change without notice. At Joy Ride Motors, we want every ride to be safe and enjoyable. So always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Study your owner’s manual and always inspect your Joy Ride before riding.  Safety Message For Parents: Motorcycles are not toys. Serious injury or death can result from improper use of these products. Your youngster’s safety will depend on you taking a “Safety First” approach to riding.  Even though your child may be the right age, you need to be sure that he or she has the size, strength, skills, and judgment to operate the machine safely.
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  • Engine brand Fourth Ring
  • Displacement 110CC
  • Cooling AIR COOLED
  • Max torque 6.18/5500(N.M/R/MIN)
  • Bore*stroke 52mm×41.7mm
  • Max speed 55km/h
  • Ignition C .D.I
  • Starting systemm ELECTRIC START
  • Carburetor brand PZ19
  • Clutch fully auto
  • Driveline CHAIN DRIVE
  • Driving wheel RR WHEEL DRIVE
  • Suspension,front/rear
  •  Brakes,front/rear DISC   
  • Brake operation HAND+FOOT
  • Tires; front/rear 2.50-14 /3.0-12
  • Fuel capacity/type 3.5L
  • Weight,G.W./N.W. 70kg/83kg
  • Max load 50kg
  • Wheelbase 110mm
  • OA  L*W*H 1600×450×1060mm
  • Carton size 1175×390×600 MM 

This Vehicle has a Standard 60 Day MFG Warranty.

This vehicle comes standard 60 day limited MGF (Manufacturers) warranty which covers all mechanical part failures attributed to faulty factory construction for the first 30 days, and the drive train for 60 days, through its normal and intended use from the day your receive it.   Simply put, if it breaks on its own, it’s covered, but not if you break it.   To use the policy you must follow all the procedure explained in detail under the warranty section of the this website =>    

The ‘Get Support’ section of JoyRides has comprehensive information about the warranty coverage of this vehicle.   We encourage you to take time to read through it to assist you with your purchase decision.    If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them before or after your purchase, just email and a warranty specialist will be happy to assist you.

It’s important to know that the MFG warranty is conditional and is not an offering of Joy Ride Motors.    Unlike the other guys, with their “Sell it and Forget about it” attitude, we pride ourselves on great customer service, before and after the sale.   That’s why we’ll gladly assist you in filing your claim should you experience a covered mechanical failure.    And even if it’s not covered, we’ll still do our best to help you out and point you in the right direction to get you back up and running.    At Joy Ride Motors, we believe in our products and our customers and we’ll stand behind both ... and that’s the JoyRides Guarantee!    


At Joy Ride Motors, we believe in the Joy of the Ride.

As such we assure you that this vehicle not only complies, but surpasses, every state, federal and regulatory guideline with respect to its; manufacturing, emissions, safety features and overall construction. But proper riding, following all the rules of the road, and being alert and aware of your surroundings is not always enough to ensure your safety from other drivers or unforeseen road hazards.

For those reasons, we encourage you to purchase the best riding attire, DOT approved safety gear, boots, gloves, clothing and helmets, and additional safety equipment such as windshields, vehicle locks, storage covers and more. Many of these items we sell in our Gear section. We only sell the items we feel are best on the market and for the best price you’ll find online. Please don’t risk your life and health. Make your safety and the safety o your passengers your utmost priority, as we want you to have a long and fun life... and spend much of it Enjoying the Ride.

The Get Support section of JoyRides has comprehensive information on; safety, registration, licensing, warranty and insurance. We encourage you to take time to read through it. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them to the best of our ability, so please call 877-300-8707 or email and any of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.


Customer Reviews

RADiculously Priced RADical Bike Review by Mike the Mechanic
This is my review of the Joy Rides Radical 110cc Pit Bike.

First of all, take into consideration that the typical scooter you see in the street, which sells for under a grand on this site, has a 50cc engine, weighs about 200lbs, and will carry a full size adult rider at up to 40 miles an hour. That's really something!

Now apply the same thinking to a 185lb pit bike designed for a young adult rider. Take into consideration that it comes with a 4-stroke, 110cc, air cooled Fourth Ring engine with a PZ19 Taiwanese made carburetor. That's puts out more then twice as much power as the street scooter.

With it being 3.5 feet tall, 5.5 feet long and about 1.5 feet wide, its well comfy for a 5 foot, 160lb typical high school student size rider. With an engine that pushes out some respectable torque and can go up to 60mph, this is not a toy by any means!

The bike has front and read disc brakes, a gallon size gas tank, electric ignition, electric start, fully automatic clutch, on a well built chin drive setup of OEM Yamaha parts, you got yourself some nice creature-features to make the day trip to the dunes very enjoyable. It has 14inch narrow tire in the front for better control and stability, and a 12 inch wide tire in the back for more traction and acceleration. Comes with standard hand and foot front-rear braking systems, and a seat height of 2.5 feet to give you lower center of gravity for tighter turning and faster fishtailing.

What surprises me the most about this bike is that it costs only $750 bucks deviled! That's pretty amazing really when you think about it. How you all can sell it that cheap, pay for the delivery, and still make any sort of profit ... well that's just mind boggling. I also work in retail, selling and installing aftermarket upgrades on personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and some motorcycles. So i know what things cost. When i ordered this bike for my stepbrother, i was honestly expecting a junky little cheap toy.

Boy was i ever surprised when it arrived. I figured it would take me a couple days to work through it, an dial it in, but in all honesty, it ran great right out of the box, with little need for any additional adjustments or modifications. I do recommend draining the original fluids, adding synthetic oil, double checking all the nuts and bolts, electric connections and putting in a better battery. Took me an hour, from box to back yard... and it was a lot of fun test driving it!

Gave it to Tim for his 16 year birthday a week ago, and everyone's been happy. Turns out he's a cool kid after-all, thought he was kinda nerdy at first, but he can handle the bike really well. I never had a younger brother till now, and he was a package deal, came along with my Dad's new wife. Hopefully this one will last longer then the last couple of women my dad hitched up with so i can actually get to be friends with my new little step brother and we can go riding together now that he has a bike that might keep up with my KTM 650 on the dunes!

Micheal G. Mcallister

(Posted on 7/26/13)

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