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The Enforcer 200cc Racing Go Kart for sale is an amazing value over any other brand that is inexpensive but not at all cheap!


This JOY RIDE is the original Enforcer 200cc go kart, but it also includes the new racing package needed to race in the WKA and AKRA clone classes! Manufacturing the Enforcer model since 2004. Back in 2009, the Enforcer 200cc racing go kart was completely redesigned, along with all of our other similar models. Ever since the beginning, the Enforcer 200cc go kart has been our most popular model, year after year. Thousands of of these 200cc go karts have been sold and can be used on both paved and dirt tracks. The Enforcer 200cc go kart is perfect for racing in the WKA and AKRA 6.5hp clone series that many tracks have started running over the last several years. The 200cc motor included on this racing go kart is manufactured by Lifan, which is the same exact 200cc engine sold by Harbor Freight - the only difference is the paint color.

Our new AKRA go kart comes with an engine already installed that can be raced in the WKA and AKRA clone classes. We have removed the governor and installed a fuel pump, air filter and adapter, top plate, throttle cable, header and muffler kit, #35 chain setup, and a chain guard. Standard sprocket setup is 18T on the clutch and 59T on the rear sprocket.  


 If the photo's, specs and description of the Enforcer 200cc Racing Go Kart aren't enough take a moment to ask us, or see what our customers have to say... After a decade of experience in this industry, we know you have lots of questions, so just call us at 1-877-300-8707 and we'll be delighted to answer them all :)   To see what our customers have to say about us and our products, please click HERE.





All information is subject to change without notice. At Joy Ride Motors, we want every ride to be safe and enjoyable. So always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Study your owner’s manual and always inspect your Joy Ride before riding.  Safety Message For Parents: Motorcycles are not toys. Serious injury or death can result from improper use of these products. Your youngster’s safety will depend on you taking a “Safety First” approach to riding.  Even though your child may be the right age, you need to be sure that he or she has the size, strength, skills, and judgment to operate the machine safely.
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Model: AKRA XR Seat: XL Bucket Top Speed: 45+ mph Chassis: Steel Dimensions: 70" long x 48" wide Brakes: Hydraulic disc brake system Engine: Lifan 6.5hp 4 Stroke Displacement: 196cc Load capacity: 300lbs Shipping Weight: 250lbs Shipping Dimensions: 59" x 43" x 20" Wheels: 10" front tires, 11" rear tires Colors: Black and Silver Frame material - Mild steel Wall thickness - 2mm Thickness of rear axle - 40mm Chassis Tubing - 32mm diameter Rear axle material - Steel Type of hubs- Aluminum Bearings - Roller bearings Front spindles - 17mm

This vehicle is eligible for coverage by our extended parts and service warranty program.

This after market Policy picks up where the manufacturer’s policy ends. Our Warranty program offers you the peace of mind that we stand behind the vehicle you ride, and for a low monthly or annual premium, we will replace, and repair any (non-rider negligent) failure of the drive-train, frame, suspension, fuel and electrical system on this vehicle.

Upon purchasing this vehicle, you will be contacted by one of our warranty specialists to explain your options, program features, pricing, payment options, and logistics on how claims are handled. We make this very simple and easy, because we believe in our products and our costumers and we stand behind both ... and that’s the JoyRides Promise!

The Get Support section of JoyRides has comprehensive information on our warranty as well as insurance programs. We encourage you to take time to read up on them. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them to the best of our ability, so please call 877-300-8707 or email us at and any of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.


At Joy Ride Motors, we believe in the Joy of the Ride.

As such we assure you that this vehicle not only complies, but surpasses, every state, federal and regulatory guideline with respect to its; manufacturing, emissions, safety features and overall construction. But proper riding, following all the rules of the road, and being alert and aware of your surroundings is not always enough to ensure your safety from other drivers or unforeseen road hazards.

For those reasons, we encourage you to purchase the best riding attire, DOT approved safety gear, boots, gloves, clothing and helmets, and additional safety equipment such as windshields, vehicle locks, storage covers and more. Many of these items we sell in our Gear section. We only sell the items we feel are best on the market and for the best price you’ll find online. Please don’t risk your life and health. Make your safety and the safety o your passengers your utmost priority, as we want you to have a long and fun life... and spend much of it Enjoying the Ride.

The Get Support section of JoyRides has comprehensive information on; safety, registration, licensing, warranty and insurance. We encourage you to take time to read through it. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them to the best of our ability, so please call 877-300-8707 or email and any of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.


Customer Reviews

Summertime Fun! Review by Laughing Larry!
This thing is CRAZY fun! Its feels 10+ times faster then it really is... but that's what makes it amazing. You're just inches above the ground, and the firkin' thing turns on a dime... feels like you're riding on rails, low center of gravity, very little probability of a rollover, and you can carve around a turn like you're tethered by a cable! Its like going to the amusement park, and bringing your own ride with you. The only difficult thing is finding a place to ride. Been kicked out of a lot of parking lots and its not street legal... so you have to be cleaver and creative where you go, but if you have a pickup truck, it only takes a few minuets to pull up, and drop it on the ground, strap on your helmet and go for it, tearing up any business parks lot on the weekends when there is no one there... especially in the commercial warehouse districts and large business office building parking lots. There are some tracks where you can go, and sign a waiver and race your own cart instead of using theirs. That's a lot of fun, and why I got my own. I'm also gonna be joining a club of others with carts. They have a u haul full of cones and tires and rent out parking lots on weekends, and have competitions on tracks they set up differently each time depending on the parking lot. I just found out about this club, and going to check them out next month once I get insane good on my cart and get it dialed in just how I want... nothing but fun so far! Laurence K. Waverow (Posted on 8/4/13)

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