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The Mutant 127cc Street Fighter for sale an amazing value that is inexpensive but not at all cheap!


The Mutant 127cc Street Fighter Motorcycle is an amazing 127cc motorcycle with just enough power to get you where you want to go in style.  With the pricing of a old used scooter the Mutant 127cc motorcycle will have you looking stylish and saving your wallet at the same time.  No major brand can come near our pricing in fact you can get one of each of our colors for the price of one of the theirs.

 If the photo's, specs and description of the Mutant 127cc Street Fighter aren't enough take a moment to ask us, or see what our customers have to say... After a decade of experience in this industry, we know you have lots of questions, so just call us at 1-877-300-8707 and we'll be delighted to answer them all :)   To see what our customers have to say about us and our products, please click HERE.


Were sorry but his Vehicle can not ship to Colorado or New Jersey at this time



All information is subject to change without notice. At Joy Ride Motors, we want every ride to be safe and enjoyable. So always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Study your owner’s manual and always inspect your Joy Ride before riding.  Safety Message For Parents: Motorcycles are not toys. Serious injury or death can result from improper use of these products. Your youngster’s safety will depend on you taking a “Safety First” approach to riding.  Even though your child may be the right age, you need to be sure that he or she has the size, strength, skills, and judgment to operate the machine safely.
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MSRP: $2,199.00
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  • Displacement 127cc
  • Max horsepower 7.24/7500RPM
  • Max torque 8.4N.M
  • Bore*stroke 54.0×55.5
  • Max speed 60mph
  • Climbing ability 18
  • Ignition C.D.I
  • Starting system ELECTRIC/KICK
  • Battery 5AH
  • Engine oil 5W/40-SF/0.9L
  • Transmission 4-GEAR SEMI-CYCLE
  • Driveline GEAR / CHAIN
  • Suspension,front/rear
  • Brakes,front/rear DISC/DISC
  • Tires,front/rear 70/90-17, 80/90-17
  • Fuel capacity/type 4.8L
  • Weight,G.W./N.W. 102KG
  • Max load 150KG
  • DIMENSIONS Wheelbase 1280 OA L*W*H 1960*680*1050
  • Height to seat 780mm
  • Min ground clearance 150mm
  • Carton size 1800*460*860mm
  • 150cc (90-100MPG! Runs on Pump Gas)
  • Top Speed: 70mph Stock
  • Electric Start with the option to kick Start
  • Removable Race Inspired Stickers
  • LED Front Turn Signals
  • Front and Rear Slotted Disc Brakes
  • Anti-Lock Brake System
  • Fully Automatic Transmission (No shifting!)
  • Nitro Filled Rear Shocks
  • Black Alloy Wheels
  • Sport Tuned Exhaust and more...
  • 4 Wheel Independent Suspension
  • Electric Winch
  • 5 Speed SEMI-AUTOMATIC + Reverse
  • Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • Electric Thumb Shifter
  • Digital Gauge
  • 2011 EPA/CARB Ceritified
  • Warranty

    This Vehicle has a Standard 6-Month MFG Warranty.

    This vehicle comes standard with a 6 month MGF (Manufacturers) warranty FREE OF CHARGE!   Unlike those other guys, WE DON’T UP-CHARGE YOU for your free coverage by adding it on at checkout for a premium.    That shady shit don’t fly around here. 

    This vehicle is conditionally covered against mechanical defect for 6 months after you receive it.  The ‘Get Support’ section has comprehensive information about the MFG coverage of this vehicle which can be found here =>     You should read this before making your purchase.   It’s important to know that the MFG warranty is not an offering of Joy Ride Motors.    As a curtsey we’ll assist you in filing your claim with the MFG should you experience a covered mechanical failure.    But unless you’re a member of our Life-Time Coverage Club, we cannot guarantee your satisfaction with the claim process. 

    This Vehicle Qualifies for enrollment in the

    Life-Time Coverage Club.

    This in-house warranty program offers you the peace of mind that we stand behind the vehicle you ride, and we will replace any defective part that fails as a result of responsible use under normal driving condition, and is not attributed to misuse or operator negligence - for as long as you own the vehicle.    This extended warranty covers most all systems of this vehicle... with exemptions for wearable and expendable parts… for as long as you own it.   This coverage considerably surpasses the standard MFG warranty, but is not transferable.   

    Enrolment remains in effect for as long as the monthly premium is billed to either a credit or a bank account.    Your coverage begins when you receive your vehicle, and follow the proper protocols for its un-packaging, assembly and warranty registration.   Opt out any time by terminating your monthly premium payments.            

    Upon purchasing this vehicle, you’ll be emailed a personal quote that breaks down your coverage if and when you break down.    We make this really simple and easy, because we believe in this vehicle and our customers and stand behind both ... that’s the JoyRides Promise!   

    Brows this link =>   for comprehensive information on how to join the Life-Time Coverage Club.     We encourage you to read this after you purchase this vehicle.   Email your questions to for a fast response.  


    At Joy Ride Motors, we believe in the Joy of the Ride.

    As such we assure you that this vehicle not only complies, but surpasses, every state, federal and regulatory guideline with respect to its; manufacturing, emissions, safety features and overall construction. But proper riding, following all the rules of the road, and being alert and aware of your surroundings is not always enough to ensure your safety from other drivers or unforeseen road hazards.

    For those reasons, we encourage you to purchase the best riding attire, DOT approved safety gear, boots, gloves, clothing and helmets, and additional safety equipment such as windshields, vehicle locks, storage covers and more. Many of these items we sell in our Gear section. We only sell the items we feel are best on the market and for the best price you’ll find online. Please don’t risk your life and health. Make your safety and the safety o your passengers your utmost priority, as we want you to have a long and fun life... and spend much of it Enjoying the Ride.

    The Get Support section of JoyRides has comprehensive information on; safety, registration, licensing, warranty and insurance. We encourage you to take time to read through it. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them to the best of our ability, so please call 877-300-8707 or email and any of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.


    Customer Reviews

    go F yourself Max! Review by Michelle D. Murillo
    Thanks Joyrides! If there are as many people buying this thing all over the country as there are in my town, then you all are doing great and are having problems keeping this model in stock i bet.... Good for you and your bottom line! Well cause 4 people i know, including my boy friend now have this scooter. He spends more time riding that then he does me. Im dumping you Max! OH YES I DID do it online and in public ... btw... Check my Facebook page you little prick! (Posted on 1/7/14)
    You got one more in stock? Review by Merlincon
    A few buddies of mine just bought these... so I'm getting one today. Cant wait to have my own. Hope it gets here soon, cause im placing my order right now. Get that thing in the mail asap! (Posted on 1/7/14)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.... Review by Romeo
    You know that when my ass hears Mutant... well, thats just feels all warm and toasty all over. Im lovin this ride... just my style. (Posted on 1/7/14)
    All-Road Bike! Review by Johnny
    The nicest thing about the Mutant is that it handles gravel and dirt like a off road bike, and pavement like a regular motorcycle. Where i live the roads are a mess of unevenly paved and partially dirt and gravel in a lot of places, and especially down the back roads. This bike, is good at going form one condition to the next without any loss of traction. The suspension is perfect for that style of terrain. The breaks and steering are responsive, and its effortless to ride. For the price, you can't even find a used bike of this quality, so im very happy with my purchase. once you ride it, its hard to believe how little you paid for it! John Lewis. (Posted on 12/10/13)
    Scott Loves It! Review by Trea
    I bought this bike for my boyfriend Scott for his birthday... cause im like the best girlfriend like ever! It was tough, cause i been secretly saving this money for a while. But he just wrecked his car and could not afford another car or get insurance... cause he was uninsured, that big dummy! But he needed to get around when I was not there to drive him anywhere, and I don't like him borrowing my despite my apprehension, I got it for him in light blue, cause it matches the color of his big blue eyes. I know... corny... but it does! So far its a big hit, and he's become far more alert and cautious riding the bike then he ever is driving a car... and I got my Jetty back... which makes me happy! Its a big win-win for everyone, and the best $1,350 I ever spent! I'm just going to have to wait another year for that Louis Vuitton hand bag I wanted, and hopefully they will have a new style out by the time i can put away some more money... or perhaps Scotty will surprise me for my birthday with the money he'll make form working instead of moping around all day out of work... a girls gotta have her dreams right? Hey girls... if you wana keep your man happy... do what I did... he'll love you even more then you can imagine! Tracy Fitzpatrick (Posted on 10/10/13)
    Maxed Out! Review by The Maximizer!
    My name is Max, and everything I do is TO THE MAX! I just graduated and heading off to UCS. I was not about to ride a mountain bike around anymore...can't score babes that way, but I did not want a scooter, or a large motorcycle. So after shopping for a week online I came across the Mutant... and I knew immediately that this was the right bike for me at the right price! When you know... you know... and Im MAX... i Know how to Maximize!

    After placing my order, I could not sleep for a week. When it arrived, i quickly put it together and went for my first ride. Boy was I impressed with its agility, handling, response and acceleration. It really is a street fighter. I can feel the tires just griping the pavement and trusting the bike forward as I twist the throttle. When I lean back, the front wheel come up off the ground, and soon I'll be riding long wheelies for sure. I grew up riding a pit bike, so to me, this was not new, yet it is my first street bike. However, I took it in the dirt a a bit as well... and it handles the gravel just as well as the asphalt.

    Im excited on how inexpensive this bike was, I know it will be cheep to gas up, and no one will want to steel it, cause its compact and easy to fit inside the front of the dorms... so Im hella stoked and maxed out my budget for a max performance bike, for the maxinista that I truly am!!! I just hope that I find time for my studies, and can stay away form riding it allover LA enough to focus on my school work... hehehe!

    Maxwell Strouser - San Bernadino Valley. (Posted on 10/7/13)
    Bringing my vacation home with me Review by Stan Lee
    last summer i spent a month in China living with my aunt and uncle and brushing up on my Cantonese for my new job. I did not realize just how many gas and electric scooter and motorcycles there are in chine... and don't even ask me about bicycles... that's a whole other story!

    All my cousins rode these small style motorcycles everywhere, and i had to learn to ride one as well. By the end of the month, i was pretty good at it. a few months ago, i started dreaming about it every night. it was an itch i could not scratch. so i went online and found the exact same bike i was riding out there and bought it right here!

    I ride it everywhere now. especially to work and back. it makes parking and traffic a non issues. The one i was riding in china had a million miles on it ... but ran good. This is almost an identical looking bike, arrived with zero miles, and runs great!

    I'm surprised more people in the states don't ride these very cost effective and convenient mini-motorcycles. They are so easy no operate and cost almost nothing to own. If mine ever brakes, I'll just donate it and buy another one ... for this price, I can have one in each color and rotate them every day if i wanted.

    My friends ask me why i ride a bike with such a small engine, when i can afford any bike i want... I always respond with.. "the real question is, why don't you? " (Posted on 6/21/13)

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