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The Terodactyl 125cc Dirt Bike for sale is an amazing value that is inexpensive but not at all cheap!


This Joy Ride Pterodactyl 125cc dirt bike is inspired by championship-winning motocross bikes. The Pterodactyl 125cc dirt bike has sharp-looking fenders, number plates, and frame covers. It's lightweight and has a strong power-band which allows the Pterodactyl to rise to any challenge. When you've got a Joy Ride dirt bike the whole world looks a little different. You start seeing whoop de whoops, table top jumps, and crazy washboards everywhere you look!

This 125cc dirt bike has a re-engineered 4-speed transmission with improved shift cam, stopper spring and drive shaft that result in a more solid shift feel, giving the rider more precise gear shift operation. Making this Joy Ride another of our great affordable dirt bikes for sale!


 If the photo's, specs and description of the Terodactyl 125cc Dirt Bike aren't enough take a moment to ask us, or see what our customers have to say... After a decade of experience in this industry, we know you have lots of questions, so just call us at 1-877-300-8707 and we'll be delighted to answer them all :)   To see what our customers have to say about us and our products, please click HERE.





All information is subject to change without notice. At Joy Ride Motors, we want every ride to be safe and enjoyable. So always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Study your owner’s manual and always inspect your Joy Ride before riding.  Safety Message For Parents: Motorcycles are not toys. Serious injury or death can result from improper use of these products. Your youngster’s safety will depend on you taking a “Safety First” approach to riding.  Even though your child may be the right age, you need to be sure that he or she has the size, strength, skills, and judgment to operate the machine safely.
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  • APOLLO Brand
  • Power coated frame
  • BLACK silver alloy rim, alloy wheels,
  • exhaust,fuel cap,handlebars and crossbar
  • Decals(
  • Tool kit
  • Engine brand = APOLLO
  • Displacement 124cc
  • Max horsepower 6.0 KW/8.2HP
  • Max torque 9.0/5500
  • Bore*stroke 54MM  X  54 MM
  • Max speed 90KM/H
  • Ignition C.D.I
  • Starting system KICK START
  • Carburetor brand JINKE
  • Engine oil 15W/40-SE(GB 11121)
  • Clutch MANUAL
  • Transmission 4speed 1 down 3 up 
  • Driveline CHAIN
  • Brakes,front/rear FRONT/REAR DISC
  • Brake operation FRONT HAND REAR FOOT
  • Tires,front/rear F: 60/100-14  R:80/100-12
  • Fuel capacity/type 3.5L
  • Weight,G.W./N.W. 80.4LBS/ 149.6LBS
  • Max load 330LBS
  • Wheelbase 45.3"
  • OA  L*W*H 63.8"*29.5"*39.8"
  • Height to seat 30"
  • Min ground clearance 13"
  • Carton size 60.6"*15"*28.3"

This Vehicle has a Standard 60 Day MFG Warranty.

This vehicle comes standard 60 day limited MGF (Manufacturers) warranty which covers all mechanical part failures attributed to faulty factory construction for the first 30 days, and the drive train for 60 days, through its normal and intended use from the day your receive it.   Simply put, if it breaks on its own, it’s covered, but not if you break it.   To use the policy you must follow all the procedure explained in detail under the warranty section of the this website =>    

The ‘Get Support’ section of JoyRides has comprehensive information about the warranty coverage of this vehicle.   We encourage you to take time to read through it to assist you with your purchase decision.    If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them before or after your purchase, just email and a warranty specialist will be happy to assist you.

It’s important to know that the MFG warranty is conditional and is not an offering of Joy Ride Motors.    Unlike the other guys, with their “Sell it and Forget about it” attitude, we pride ourselves on great customer service, before and after the sale.   That’s why we’ll gladly assist you in filing your claim should you experience a covered mechanical failure.    And even if it’s not covered, we’ll still do our best to help you out and point you in the right direction to get you back up and running.    At Joy Ride Motors, we believe in our products and our customers and we’ll stand behind both ... and that’s the JoyRides Guarantee!   


At Joy Ride Motors, we believe in the Joy of the Ride.

As such we assure you that this vehicle not only complies, but surpasses, every state, federal and regulatory guideline with respect to its; manufacturing, emissions, safety features and overall construction. But proper riding, following all the rules of the road, and being alert and aware of your surroundings is not always enough to ensure your safety from other drivers or unforeseen road hazards.

For those reasons, we encourage you to purchase the best riding attire, DOT approved safety gear, boots, gloves, clothing and helmets, and additional safety equipment such as windshields, vehicle locks, storage covers and more. Many of these items we sell in our Gear section. We only sell the items we feel are best on the market and for the best price you’ll find online. Please don’t risk your life and health. Make your safety and the safety o your passengers your utmost priority, as we want you to have a long and fun life... and spend much of it Enjoying the Ride.

The Get Support section of JoyRides has comprehensive information on; safety, registration, licensing, warranty and insurance. We encourage you to take time to read through it. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them to the best of our ability, so please call 877-300-8707 or email and any of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.


Customer Reviews

Paid for it myslef. Review by Ben
My mom said there was no way she could afford to buy me this bike for my 13th birthday. She said I could only have it if I paid for it myself. So my dad made me a flyer that i put in every mailbox in town advertising my availability and skills. I worked all year to save up the money for it. I was lawn mowing, fence painting, dog walking, babysitting... and yard cleaning. I pretty much hoed myself (as mom would say) to every lazy good fur nothing in town to come up with the bike money. Now, I not only have a the pit bike i always wanted, just like Tommy, Kevin and Sam... but I also created myself a list of clients for who i work for doing jobs around their houses to pay for gas and even help with grocery money around the house... cause mom works hard and dad don't work at all. Ive had the bike for a month now and i ride it all over town, to all my on-call jobs. The thing is, that now i work so much of the weekend cleaning pools and cutting bushes and clearing our gutters, i hardly have any time to go trail riding with my friends. Seems like everyone wants my help. Mom says that im the man of the house now, and perhaps my dad can learn a thing or two about working from me. so far, all dad's done is learned how to ride my bike... and he looks funny on it. Good thing i started working young, cause now i'm putting money away for a car. for a 13 year old kid, i've been told that i'm a role model and other kids can learn a lot form me. all i ever wanted was to have fun riding trails with my friends on my own bike. Now I have more responsibilities then my dad... i realize now that no good things come from hard work but more work. At least i have a cool 125cc pit bike to show off and ride and more money then mom and dad know about saved up for my future car when i turn 18. At this rate, I'll have enough to buy a 4x4 Toyota truck! Ben Silverstien (Posted on 7/28/13)

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